Guest Post Terms and Conditions

How to Submit a Handloom and Handicraft Request for a Guest Post and a Blog

[email protected] = You can mail us on this email id. In which you have to put your name. The details of your blog topic, how many months you want to get the do-follow link. And the blog file that contains your blog content.

The blog provided by you should be free of plagiarism and if it contains any kind of plagiarism then our team can also make necessary changes in it. Or that blog can also be rejected.

The blog may be rejected in case your content causes any kind of damage or defamation to any person or any business or website.

Web traffic and presence:

The first goal of any website administrator is to attract a large number of visitors or watchers and to increase traffic. Guest blogging helps to increase traffic because do-follow links are included in each guest article. Do follow links are often required to improve search engine rankings.

What are the requirements for getting your Guest Post authorized on Handloom And Handicraft?

We and our community members are constantly working to produce new, fresh and relevant information to keep our readers engaged. The achievements we can now promise are the result of long-term labor. We are also aware of the work of other authors.

So, to properly justify everyone’s efforts and maintain our website. There are various prerequisites that must be met:

  • Length of content should be between 600 to 1000 words. [Content should be excellent]
  • Content must be one of a kind.
  • Guest posts should have three headings.
  • All images must be in JPG or PNG format.

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Guest PostTwo Permanent do follow link.$10 USD
Link InsertExiting Article$15 USD
Homepage LinkIncrease click through rate$25 USD / Month
Article on BannerGetting more views and visits$50 USD / Month

The Advantages of Guest Posting:


Branding Handloom And Handicraft

When you write for your own blog, there are countless reasons why you may be unknown to other bloggers and readers; However, when you write as a guest blogger, you are known to the followers of the blog you are writing for, and as a result, you are gaining popularity among other bloggers and readers. If visitors enjoy your guest article, they will almost certainly seek out more of your work, expanding your blog’s readership.


Backlinks Handloom And Handicraft

Backlinks are the most important aspect in establishing and improving search engine rankings. Bloggers, on the whole, participate in commenting on various forums and blogs. However, guest blogging/posting is significantly preferable to commenting as you will be guaranteed a do-follow link, which commenting does not provide.

We will respond as quickly as possible.