Why Indrayani Handlooms is the first choice ??

Indrayani Handlooms - tussar silk sarees and shirts
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Why Indrayani Handlooms is the first choice for pure tussar silk sarees and shirts

indrayani handlooms

Traditional values combined with individualism define us as people. India is a culturally vibrant nation where people express themselves in the way they dress. The traces and imprints of the diverse culture are visible in the clothing.

Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Gujarat to Nagaland the different flavors and ethnicities of each state appear in their wardrobe. People now want to showcase their culture on a big level and are buying handloom sarees online in huge amounts. 

From ancient times people in India are making their own clothes and wearing them. The handloom industry provides employment to a large sector of urban and rural India.

Indrayani Handlooms is the Maharashtra State Handlooms Corporation Ltd. which is a Government of Maharashtra undertaking. It was established in the year 1971 with the purpose of uplifting the handloom weavers of Maharashtra and providing them consistent employment.

The overall progress and well being of the artisans and weavers contributes to the development of society enriched with culture and heritage.

Tussar Silk Sarees and fabrics are the specialties of Indrayani Handlooms. These are handwoven by the artisans who create the trademark borders and give definition to the Tussar silk fabric. The artistry shown on the silk fabric is an example of fine craftsmanship by the weavers.

These silk sarees are a favorite choice for any occasion where traditional attire is required. Sarees are already a sought after product in the fashion industry. Now handloom sarees are also creating trends and making an earthy statement.

tussar silk sarees - Indrayani Handlooms

Ladies from all over the world are making a beeline to buy pure tussar silk sarees online as it is an easily accessible and available platform to buy authentic silk sarees. Indrayani Handlooms not just focuses on selling these fine Tussar Silk Sarees, but also on the overall development of the Handloom Industry.

From providing infrastructure, equipment, and accessories required, looking after the weavers who do not come under the co-operative fold is also a priority.

Raw products are provided to the handloom industry and their finished products are purchased. Granting loans to the handloom weavers from banks or any financial institution to create capital for working is also handled by them. They have also set up design centers for handloom weavers where training is provided, making them ready for the handloom industry.

An increase in such initiatives by the government will always result in reviving the traditional folksy industries which are on the verge of extinction. The financial aid along with infrastructure has helped many industries survive in these times of globalization. With these industries flourishing under Government policies, the country progresses by leaps and bounds.

tussar silk sarees - Indrayani Handlooms

The main gadgets of the corporation are as under:-

1) To supply progressed types of equipment and accessories required for the Handloom Industry, inside the private sector, that is, handloom weavers who do now not come inside the cooperation fold.
2) To deliver raw materials required for the Handloom Industry.
3) To buy completed products produced by using the Handloom Industry.
4) To set up and run dye houses, plants for sizing, bleaching, calendaring, mercerizing, printing, anti-shrink processing, and other processing plants required for the Handloom Industry.
5) To set up and run design centers for the handlooms and to impart training to handloom weavers in all components of the Handloom Industry.
6) To guarantee loans granted to handloom weavers by using scheduled banks or any other financial institutions for the functions of running capital.
7) To boost finance for the above purposes via the trouble of share capital, debentures, bonds, or with the aid of raising loans or accepting deposits with or without assure of the Government of Maharashtra.
8) To bring on all kinds of corporation business relating to the above.
9) To adopt the look at and training of venture reports, feasibility research, and to act as a fashionable representative in handloom trade.

tussar silk sarees - Indrayani Handlooms

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