Meesho Saree Surat – Most Trending Saree In India

meesho saree surat
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Meesho Saree Surat – Wear a chiffon saree if you’re unsure! Anyone who has seen a couple of the enduring Bollywood classics has probably noticed how effortlessly chic the actresses in their Chiffon sarees look. The fabric is what truly differentiates. When it comes to sarees, chiffon has a unique appeal. Most importantly, it is soft and lightweight and is simple to drape. You can add a few of the straightforward and elegant chiffon saree patterns we handpicked to your collection.

How is chiffon the perfect material for your saree? [Meesho Saree Surat]

Other than the feel and texture, this cloth has a few other distinguishing qualities. French artisans used premium silk to produce chiffon for the first time. But over time, polyester started to take over as the main component used to make chiffon. Compared to silk Chiffon, polyester Chiffon is less expensive. Chiffon is primarily used today for clothing at parties. Chiffon requires sensitive handling due to its delicate texture.

Sarees in solid chiffon

Pure Chiffon was used to create the vivid yellow saree worn by Anushka Sharma in “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.” As you can see, there are no decorations on the saree. It is utterly straightforward. However, the sleeveless designer blouse transforms the ensemble into a head-turner. Here, we have a yellow saree that is extremely comparable and that you may put on with just about any colour shirt. [Meesho Saree Surat]

Thin-Bordered Chiffon Saree

The solid Chiffon saree is depicted in another variant below. Because of the narrow border in a contrasting hue, it is simple to match this pattern with a printed blouse. You can choose between a spaghetti/halter-neck blouse and a full-sleeved blouse.

Saree in Floral Print Chiffon

A Chiffon saree with flower designs is another must-have for this season. The saree can be any colour, and a simple blouse can be worn with it. The majority of Indian actresses, including Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan, have been seen wearing sarees with floral prints. The Indian weather is a blessing for these sarees because they are ideal for daytime wear.

Saree of embroidered chiffon

Sarees with embroidery are popular in their own right. Chiffon is not typically thought of as the best fabric for embroidery, but Punjabi Phulkari dupattas are the excellent illustration of how well embroidery designs can work with this material. Punjabi women favour using chiffon for their dupattas, which has sparked the development of a new fashion for embroidered chiffon sarees. Our choice is a stunning chiffon saree in a mustard colour with extensive embroidery. This would look great with a simple, off-the-shoulder black blouse. This saree would look amazing with oxidised jewellery. [Meesho Saree Surat]

Saree in Geometric Print Chiffon

The runway is now dominated by geometric designs. This design, which was popular in the 1970s, is currently everywhere. These prints would eventually appear in ethnic clothing as well; it was only a matter of time. One of the best fabrics to wear prints on is chiffon. You can see how brilliantly the fabric brings out the pattern in the saree in the design below.

Chiffon sari with zari embroidery

We have the ideal saree for you to wear to parties. Wear this stunning aqua blue saree with Zari polka dots to any evening event. You can wear the saree with a simple long-sleeved shirt or one that is silver to match the border of the saree. [Meesho Saree Surat]

Saree in chiffon with ruffles

The ruffles trend will endure! Ruffled sarees were unheard of till a few years ago. But our favourite fashion designers were able to revive this 1990s style. Ruffled designs originally appeared in runway displays a few years ago, and they quickly gained popularity to the point where ruffled sarees are now commonplace. We chose a stunning mustard chiffon saree with frills all the way around the border. This saree stands out because of the classic Rajasthani design on the ruffles. The ruffles on the saree are the same colour and design as the ruffles on the top, which is also made of chiffon.

Saree with a solid print and an embroidered border

A patterned saree with an embroidered or zari-worked border will always be in style. This magenta saree has a geometric pattern all over it that blends with the fabric’s colour. This is enhanced by the zari embroidery throughout the border, making it ideal for both a daytime event and an evening party. For a more modern appearance, you can also think about a solid-colored blouse with cut-out detailing like the one below. [Meesho Saree Surat]

Saree in Chiffon with Stripes

It’s crucial that the fabric for a saree with stripes be supple and flexible. Therefore, chiffon fabric is perfect for this pattern. For instance, the white stripes in the saree pattern below work beautifully with the saree’s indigo blue Chiffon fabric. This saree is appropriate for a daytime occasion. It would be ideal to choose a blouse in soft hues or a basic black blouse.

Contrasting Border on a Solid Saree

This specific pattern, a favourite of celebrities, is common among B-town women. The off-white and peach Chiffon saree worn by Kangana Ranaut is both elegant and current. Although not exactly a contrast, the silver border gives the saree’s otherwise straightforward pattern and subdued hues more panache.

Saree in embellished chiffon

Chiffon has long been the foundation for designer sarees according to ethnic wear fashion experts. The beauty of elaborate ornamentation is enhanced by the cloth. For instance, the saree in the image below was created by Neeta Lulla and features extensive Lacework. The key is to choose a boring fabric colour and give it some flair with embroidery or other embellishments. [Meesho Saree Surat]

Silk Chiffon Saree

Despite being relatively new, chiffon silk is a very popular fabric for sarees nowadays. The fluidity of chiffon combined with the sheen of silk define this fabric. The fact that this fabric costs a lot less than pure silk is the icing on the cake. It drapes wonderfully and has a texture that is comparable to crepe. So, if you’re unsure whether to spend money on a pure silk saree, you can choose silk Chiffon, which has a similar appearance to silk but is lighter in weight. One design that we like is this one.

Printed Saree in Chiffon with Tassels

This yellow saree has gorgeous yet understated tassel and embroidered work all over it. The delicate craftsmanship is enhanced by the fabric. A matching blouse made of the same material as the saree completes the look. You can choose a shirt like this in black, white, or any other striking colour. With this saree, it is preferable to maintain a basic neckline. It will look good with a spaghetti strap or sleeveless blouse. [Meesho Saree Surat]

Heavy Chiffon Saree with Mirror Work

The Persian embroidery technique known as “Shisha,” or mirror work, is now widely used in Indian clothing, particularly sarees and Lehengas. The gorgeous saree in the picture above is pink and saffron with a black border that features elaborate mirror work. The blouse also features the same pattern. If you want to make a statement with your dress at the party, consider wearing a saree with mirror work. [Meesho Saree Surat]

Without a doubt, chiffon is one of the most adaptable materials and is best used in the summer. Whatever style you choose, make sure your blouse matches the saree’s fabric and pattern.