Best Baby Products Australia | GREEN GUIDE TO BUYING FOR YOUR BABY

Best Baby Products Australia
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Best Baby Products Australia – Babies don’t have to be expensive. Eco Child offers useful tips for eco-friendly parenting so you may provide the greatest care for your child and the environment, from reusable diapers to eco-friendly ways to dress, feed, calm, and entertain your child.

The reality is that the climate is changing, as we have all heard. We are aware that most of the effects of global warming are caused by people. This is the immediate outcome of our “consumption.” There are numerous things we can do to live a “greener” lifestyle and make a difference, even though the health of our planet requires an international response.

When we start to examine and reevaluate what we are putting in, on, and around their priceless bodies after welcoming a new baby into the world, we are in the perfect position to start making adjustments. Nothing increases your awareness of your obligations like becoming a parent does!


Best Baby Products Australia

What can parents then do? The health of our planet and the health of our future generations would greatly benefit by reducing the industrial chemicals that are so prevalent in our modern life. Numerous research have shown associations between environmental chemical exposure and increased rates of learning, behavioural, and intellectual disabilities.

This is where choosing the right fabrics and fibres for your baby’s products is crucial.

Here is our advice for shopping “green” for your child: [Best Baby Products Australia]



What to wear Eco-fabrics that need fewer resources to grow and harvest include pure wool, hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo. It’s not just the materials that matter; it’s also critical to consider how a garment was made. To limit “clothing miles,” look for Fairtrade, low-impact colours, pick manufacturers who care about the health of their workers, and shop locally whenever you can.

Laundry and cleaning

The majority of cleaning supplies sold in stores are made with substances that are bad for our infants’ environments. Most of them contain harmful substances, like hormone-disrupting phthalates, phosphates, and colorings that increase the risk of allergies and asthma, to mention a few related health problems. There are numerous efficient green cleaning solutions that are suited for our babies’ delicate skin. Consider what you use to sanitise and disinfect the home, wash their dishes with, wash and dry their clothes and bedding. Look for products made from plant-based, certified organic ingredients that lack fragrances. Take into account the products’ packaging as well.

Best Baby Products Australia

Skin Care

Did you know that it takes 2-3 years for a baby’s skin to create a barrier against environmental toxins? Compared to adults, our babies are much more susceptible to poisons and pollutants. Choose organic skin care for your infant, and make sure it is certified organic, to protect them. As the basic minimum, we advise having a cleanser, moisturiser, and bottom balm. For great organic skin care, check out our Buds Organics line.

Baby Room Furniture

In the first year of life, a newborn spends more time sleeping than awake (we can only hope!). Therefore, where they sleep is a very crucial factor. Our top recommendations for a green nursery are wood furniture made from sustainable sources, organic baby hammocks, and biodegradable Moses baskets. Additionally, it makes ecological sense to search for multipurpose features that increase the lifespan of the cot, such as a design that converts into a toddler bed, etc. Regular cot and crib mattresses may be sprayed with fire retardants, which can also damage brain function, so think about getting an organic mattress or make this a priority.

Best Baby Products Australia

New Parents - Newborn Baby

Bedtime (linen, sleeping bags, blankets)

Pure wool, silk, bamboo, and organic cotton are all exquisitely natural options for your baby’s sleeping environment. Along with GOTS certification, look for the SKAL emblem, which denotes ethical textile processing, or the Oko Tex mark, which proves that the products were produced with care and have little effect on the environment.

Naturally Calming

Instead of relying on traditional pacifiers or electrical devices, consider using naturally calming techniques. Avoid using pacifiers that include PVC, latex, or phthalates; instead, opt for a product like the Natursutten that is composed entirely of natural rubber. Baby hammocks can be comforting for colicky infants, and carrying your baby in a kid carrier, wrap, or sling is the greenest way to travel while also providing another natural approach to calm and comfort your baby.

Best Baby Products Australia


When selecting things for mealtime, from high chairs to sippy cups, there are several ways you may prioritise becoming green. Pick organic cotton for your bibs. Choose BPA-free, glass, recycled materials, or bamboo for your bowls and plates. Select glass or stainless steel water bottles and drinking glasses for safety. The requirement for future purchases of additional seating solutions is decreased by high chairs constructed from sustainable materials that may be converted as the infant develops. Use reusable food wrappers and environmentally friendly lunch boxes to cut down on the need for packaging and plastics while also promoting home-cooked meals and snacks.


Toys come in a variety of green options. The obvious choice is natural wooden toys painted with non-toxic colours, but other excellent options include hand-made toys made of natural fibres, organic cotton cuddly toys, recycled materials, biodegradable cardboard, and sustainable rubber wood. In the long term, investing in high-quality toys is more cost-effective because they will last longer and be passed down through the family.

Best Baby Products Australia


This is not the last! Reusable diaper use significantly lowers landfill trash and carbon emissions. Conventional disposable diapers frequently include chemicals that have been linked to allergy responses and skin irritability. Reusable diapers are better for the environment and the skin of your kid. Invest in cloth diapers, wash them with eco-friendly detergent in a water-efficient machine, and hang them up to dry. Give yourself a pat on the back after that! From flats and pre-folds to ultra-modern All-in-Ones, we have a wide selection of cloth diapers. We also carry compostable disposables for mixed green nappy systems.

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