Cotton Handloom Dresses

Cotton Handloom Dresses
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Cotton Handloom Dresses – When it comes to handcrafted textiles, no country can compete with India’s rich, over 2,000-year-old legacy of workmanship. The handloom sector is one of India’s largest sectors, assisting artists across the country in preserving traditional handloom craft and keeping it relevant to the tastes of fashion-conscious people.

When most people think of handlooms, they envision intricate ethnic apparel. In honour of handloom, we’ve compiled a list of super-stylish ways to wear handlooms to work. [Cotton Handloom Dresses]

#1 – Ikat Kurta

Cotton Handloom Dresses - Ikat Kurta

Ikat is a beautiful textile with intricate designs created by resist dyeing the yarns before dying and weaving the fabric. Ikat is a superb weaving style that thrives in Odisha and Telangana. Ikats have remained popular throughout history as the peak of the nineteenth-century textile revival in Central Asian metropolitan centres.

Pair this lovely kurta with denim jeans or a matching pair of trousers for a casual-yet-chic office appearance.

#2 – Bandhani printed Dress [Cotton Handloom Dresses]

Cotton Handloom Dresses - Bandhani printed Dress

The Bandhani print is attributed to the Gujarati Khatri people, yet this intricate textile art form dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The Bandhani print, which is commonly available in bright colours, is defined by its unique design of small white dots.

This lovely red bandhani dress is perfect for a team function or to beat the Monday blues in style!

#3 – Chikankari Co-ord Set

Cotton Handloom Dresses - Chikankari Co-ord Set

Chikankari is claimed to have gained popularity in India as a result of Jahangir, the Mughal emperor’s wife, Nur Jehan, and Persian noblemen who attended the Mughal courts. It’s an intricate and elegant embroidery style that’s meticulously pursued on fabric using a needle, and it’s synonymous with Lucknow.

Wear this Chikankari straight-fit kurta with trousers for an exquisite yet cute look.

#4 – Kalamkari Printed Dress

Cotton Handloom Dresses - Kalamkari Printed Dress

Kalamkari is a hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile from the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. It has images taken from folklore that are painted directly onto the fabric by hand with the kalam. [Cotton Handloom Dresses]

This renowned art style needs a presence in your collection, and what better way to do so than with this stunning Kalamkari dress that adds a whole new dimension to your formal wear?

#5 – Indigo Dress

Cotton Handloom Dresses - Indigo Dress

Indigo, which translates to “the Indian” or “from India,” is profoundly associated with Indian history. Because it was the first country to turn indigo production into international trade, ancient India created some of the most gorgeous and sumptuous indigo dyes and fabrics in history.

Because of its retro charm, this “blue gold,” which is largely found in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, nevertheless makes its way into many wardrobes, as shown in the unusual printed garment.

#6 – Chanderi Kurta

Cotton Handloom Dresses - Chanderi Kurta

Chanderi is a classic ethnic cloth known for its lightweight, translucent texture, and opulent feel. The fabric gets its name from the small village of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, where expert traditional weavers practise their craft. There, they make textured cotton and silk sarees that are delicately decorated with zari work.

With the holiday season just around the bend, this stylish Chanderi Kurta is ideal for those very entertaining business celebrations. [Cotton Handloom Dresses]