Best Bridal Pattu Dresses We’ve Spotted on Real Brides!

Pattu Dresses
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Pattu Dresses – Not just gorgeous lehengas, the handloom and handicraft gallery is a treasure trove of so many pretty Bridal Kanjivaram or wedding Pattu(Silk) Sarees too!

The South Indian bride has a timeless and classic vibe to her- right from her jewelry to her saree to her hair to even her Kamar band, and we are in love with the look!

Pattu sarees or Kanjeevaram silks are known for their bright colors and their lively designs & these days brides are going for off-beat colors too, like pastel dusty pink and mint or even lilac – hues that were never considered 5 years back.

Red or pink are still popular colors and big borders are mandatory but people are moving towards more plain sarees with punchy blouses to accentuate the style. Here is some solid inspiration for South Indian blouses if you wish to go that way! Also, if you’re looking for bridal Pattu sarees, we’ve got you covered.

So here are 30+ of the prettiest bridal Kanjivaram or Pattu sarees we’ve spotted on Real Brides- and trust us, you would have never imagined there is so much variety and colors!

Pattu Dresses

Pattu Dresses Materials

A saree is an Indian woman’s fashion wardrobe staple that is both versatile and stunning. There are a lot of things you can do with those 6 yards of fabric, but we’ll almost always wear it in the most basic way possible. There are many other ways to drape a saree, and they aren’t all that difficult, but we usually only see a few standard saree drapes.

Many Indian art and craft traditions have stood the test of time but continue to evolve or shine in new forms, and block printing is one of them. It is a traditional and historic style of printing art that is still practised in India, particularly in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Jaipur is a hub and famed for block printing, in addition to its heritage and cultural attractiveness. Woodblock printing or hand block printing are other names for this art style. However, as time passed, the art form progressed, and market block printing sarees are now available.

What is Block Printing, and how does it work?

It is the process of pressing and stamping fabric on fabrics, typically linen, cotton, or silk, with engraved wooden blocks. The end result is one-of-a-kind, and hand block printing is linked to the rich tradition and history of handmade crafts. Each block printing process, however, demands artistry, patience, and talent.

Pattu Dresses

All Types Of Pattu Dresses Design With Name Here

Yodheeni Half Saree

Gaj kesri Dress  Pattu Dress

Rajanandini Half Saree Pattu Dress

Patan Patola  Dress Pattu Dress

Chitra Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Surur Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Rajshri Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Rudraksha Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Vistrut  Banarasi Dress Pattu Dress

Kalla  Pattu Dress Pattu Dress

Tribhanga Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Kantkla Pattu  Dress Pattu Dress

Pujja  Banarasi Gown Pattu Dress

Black Pattu Dress Pattu Dress

PSG Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Dulhan Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Yellow  Kanan Pattu  Gown Pattu Dress

Green Pattu Gown Pattu Dress

Jayprada Dress Pattu Dress

Ujjwala Dress Pattu Dress

yashogamya Dress Pattu Dress

Nandvari Dress Pattu Dress

Hemsundari Dress Pattu Dress

Kameshi Dress Pattu Dress

Vishoka dress

Vedatita Dress

Gopkanya Dress

Samyukata Pattu Dress

Shubhchintak Pattu Dress

Lopamudra Banarasi Dress

Aamrapali Pattu Gown

Ananta Pattu Dress

Black Barfi Pattu Dress

Qween Pattu Dress

Chal Chitra Pattu Dress

Sreekanya Pattu Dress

Gahena Pattu Gown

Aishwarya Pattu Gown

Vasundhara Pattu Gown

Monalisa Pattu Dress

Kanchanjangha Pattu Gown

Manikarnika Pattu Dress

Nayantara Pattu Dress

Kertana Pattu Dress

Taranayani Pattu Dress

Trifala Pattu Dress

Sashirekha Pattu Gown

Ishwaree Pattu Dress

Silver Lion Pattu Gown

Arundhati Pattu Dress

Rudrama Pattu Gown

Taramati Pattu Dress

Indrasena Pattu Dress

Aadishakti Pattu Gown

Mandodari Pattu Dress

Malvika Pattu Gown

Bhanupriya Pattu Gown

Turmeric Pattu Gown

Yashomati Pattu Dress

Pink And Blue Kanan Banarasi Gown

Blue Lootera Pattu Dress

Devsena  Pattu Dress

Ridham Pattu Gown

OSG Pattu Gown

Glow Yogi Pattu Dress

Padmini Pattu Dress

Pattu Dresses

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