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5+ Amazing Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

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Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging – Rabari embroidery is named after its community, Bhujodi. They were nomadic/ semi-nomadic cattle farmers who lived in India’s western regions, from Rajasthan to Gujarat.

The term Rabari was used to refer to migratory camel herders who had similar beliefs and customs due to their occupation and the different Rabari sub-communities. Every community or culturally related group in Gujarat can be identified by its distinctive embroidered costuming, tattoos on the body, and living settlements.

All Rabari men wear a white dress, but only the eastern bharvad shepherds can wear black wool clothes. This is because of Chach’s rule, an Indian ruler who conquered the area in the 8th Century.

The Rabari embroidery has a specialty in mirror chain stitch. This style is unique among the many types. The embroidery of textiles is a way for women to express their creativity and aesthetics.

All the girls participate in the embroidery of Kanchali (backless blouses), Paheranu, wrapped skirts, a ghagharo, and Ludi (woolen veils). For her future husband and their families, the girls make their own bridal dresses, Toran (doorway hanging), bags, bedcovers, decorative camel covers, and shawls. The collectives that will provide the dowry have to be completed by all the girls. Through generations, this tradition has been passed down to the daughters.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Rabari Embroidery Work Toran

Rabari Embroidery Work Toran
5+ Amazing Kach Bavaliya Work Toran and Wall Hanging
Rabari Embroidery Work Toran
Kach Bavaliya Work Toran - Wall Hanging

Description of the item: This is a vibrant and striking piece of folk craftsmanship. It’s one of the most Ethnic pieces that you will ever see. The unique feature of this embroidery is that it covers every inch with the colors of rural western India. This stunning & beautiful rabari-style wall hanging or door valance is made with heavy, fine embroidery and mirror work. It was handcrafted exclusively in India by rural Indians.

You can transform your living room or entrance into a piece of art that will be a conversation starter. This dramatic piece will amaze you! Rabari Embroidery Work Toran dimensions – 45″X 30″.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Handmade Silk Square Mud Work Wall Hanging Elephant Kutch Handicraft Items

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran - Wall Hanging
Handmade Silk Square Mud Work Wall Hanging Elephant Kutch Handicraft Items

KUTCHI MUD and MIRROR CRAFTED Wall Hanging frames

Wall decoration item, mud work art frame, Kutchi Lippan art frame, wall decoration, home decoration

Walls with mirrors and clay can create beautiful designs. For urban interiors, the art can now be transferred to portable panels. The art can be created on-site at any location as per your order.

Ideal for gifting at different occasions, such as items for luck, home decoration, or a new Home Gift Idea

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Blue Green Peacock Stone and Zardosi Work Buti/ Motifs/ Embroidered Badges

Blue Green Peacock Stone and Zardosi Work Buti - Motifs - Embroidered Badges

Foppish Mart has this exclusive designer limited edition peacock hand-embroidered Zardosi, and blue and green silk threadwork Buti/Motif/Patches/Embroidered Badges. It is decorated with stunning sequin and Zardozi work. Its shine gives it a sophisticated look. It can be threaded, stitched, or stuck. These Stunning Patches allow you to express your creativity and create accessories. Your imagination is your limit!

Motifs are style elements that create a theme, or pattern. High-quality, finely finished patches for cloth and motifs. To add an extra finishing touch to products, sew-on patches can be embellished with beads, sequins, or embroidered laces. To create symbolism, these motifs and patches may be repeated. You can choose from a variety of styles to place sew-on patches. They can be used to highlight the basic parts such as the collar, shoulders, pockets, collar, and shoulder pads. In any apparel product, bag, or shoe.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

1 Pocket – Mirror Work Kutch Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging Letter Holder

1 Pocket - Mirror Work Kutch Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging Letter Holder
1 Pocket - Mirror Work Kutch Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging Letter Holder
1 Pocket - Mirror Work Kutch Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging Letter Holder
5+ Amazing Kach Bavaliya Work Toran and Wall Hanging

This handicraft’s name is a tribute to Kutch, Gujarat. This handicraft, also known as “Kachchhi”, is a real eye-catcher.

This embroidery is known for its riotous colors and intricate mirror work, which create beautiful patterns. Mirror work is like a cherry in a rainbow cake!!

There are many reasons why Kutch embroidery is loved by people around the world. The intricate patterns and sheer beauty of the Kutch embroidery, as well as the skillful handiwork of the artisans who create them, leave everyone wanting more.

This work is mainly done in silk and cotton. The threads are made out of silk or wool.

Mirrors, aside from their exquisite designs, are the dominant feature of Kutch embroidery. They can make even the dullest fabric stand out and pop up.

Trivia: These skilled artisans can stitch just one mirror onto the fabric in under 5 minutes

Kutch embroidery also calls mirrors “Abhala”, and there are many reasons for their use. Let’s look at the most prominent.

  1. Mirrors are believed to symbolize water. Gujarat is in dire need of this resource, so mirrors are a fitting tribute to their importance in daily life.
  2. Mirrors can help you ward off evil eyes. You can keep bad vibes away with a kutch.
  3. Mirrors are also thought to have been inspired by Islamic architecture and art.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Kutch Embroidery Mirror Work Toran

Kutch Embroidery Mirror Work Toran

Kutch embroidery is a handicraft that represents the textile signature art tradition of the Kutch District, Gujarat, India. The rich embroidery has contributed a lot to Indian embroidery traditions. Usually, embroidery is done by women on cotton fabrics. It can be done in the form of a net with silk or cotton threads. It can also be done over silk or satin in certain patterns. There are four types of stitches: “square chain”, double buttonholes, pattern darning, and running stitch. When small mirrors, called abhla, are placed over the geometrically-shaped designs, the signature effect of colorful embroidery sparkles is achieved. Many ethnic styles of hand-embroidered ethnic embroidery have developed depending on the tribal sub-groups of Mutava, Garasia Jat, or Rabari involved in this craftwork. These six styles are Suf, Khaarek, Paako, Rabari and Garasia Jat.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Designer Banjara Door Hanging

Designer Banjara Door Hanging

It is a vintage piece that can be used to decorate your home.
Colour: Multi-Colour
India: Country/Region of Manufacture
Theme: Vintage
Material: Genuine Kutchi Rabari Textiles
Featured Refinements – Vintage Tapestry
Style: Door Valance, Wall Hanging
Handmade: Yes
Size: 22″ x 24″ inches
Base Colour Off White
Modification Description: This masterpiece can be used to make beautiful accessories such as bags, tops, and more.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Boho Gypsy Banjara Home Decor

Boho Gypsy Banjara Home Decor

Dimensions: Approx. 36″ height x 36″ width

Handcrafted by the Indian Kutch Tribal / Handmade Tapestry Wall Piece / Wall Art/ Chakra/ Chakla/ Chakda With Mirror / Glass / Shisha/ Abhla Work & Intricate Thread / Lace / Embellishment / Patch work

Every Design is unique and Indian vintage.

These elements are a hallmark of Kutchi/ Gujarati Traditional Vintage Style and can be found in vintage textiles from this region.

Material may be old-fashioned, but it is not an inadequacy.

This was created by the KUTCH tribal woman from Gujarat.

Vintage condition – Some areas will have traces of the original sketch or print mark. This piece is an antique piece that was made by 1960’s tribespeople. Do not expect perfect condition. Also, unsymmetrical designs or missing mirrors should not be considered a defect. Although there is wear to the edges and a few marks at the ends, these do not affect its beauty.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Some dirt and wear are present, as well as small holes in Vintage Material. Some mirrors have been damaged or missing.

Vintage Banjara Door Hanging Toran

Pair L-Shaped India Gujarat Kutch Rabari hand-embroidered hanging, known as sankbia (from the kanbi farming castings), Amreli district in Saurashtra

These flowers are often used to decorate doors, especially for wedding celebrations.

Antique Exquisite Banjara hand-Embroidered with extensive mirror work.

Indian Toran/Valence / Window or Doors Topper / Wall Hanging Tapestry – This is from the Kutch region in Gujarat, Western India.

This hand-embroidered Toran will bring you many compliments.

Mirror work in large quantities adds sparkle to your room and gives it a stunningly ethnic look.

Your window, door, or wall can be transformed with the royal grandeur and Indian culture.

Note: Authentic Banjara valance, not a replica. There may be some missing mirrors or embroidery. This is not an error.

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging

Mirrors can be antique or damaged.

Handmade Banjara Window Valance Embroidered Gypsy Large Door Hanging Boho Curtain Wholesale Patchwork Indian Door Hanging Toran Vintage Door Valances

This is our hand-embroidered Patchwork toran. It’s perfect for fitting into your window or door frame.

It can be used to decorate your windows, hallways, and festival stalls.

The colors will make you fall in love again and again.

Size: 39 inches wide x 13,5 inches high

It is made from vintage fabric pieces (mostly cotton), which were hand-dyed with vegetables. colors. Hand sewn and embroidered, with tiny mirrors embedded.

There are 8-10 colors available

For more quantity and color, please inquire

Kach Bavaliya Work Toran – Wall Hanging